Design Girl® Tamara Jakovlev is a freelance graphic artist and web designer located in Adelaide, South Australia. 
Phone 0447 072 906.  Design hours are 9am - 5pm, M-F.
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General projects:

Time frame:
Average time frame for a standard website is about 10 business days and about 3 weeks for an e-commerce site.  Logos and items for print can usually be completed within a week.   There are times when I'm not happy with what I've created and in those cases additional time may be required.

At the start of your project I will let you know my time frame for completion.  Working within your deadlines is usually not a problem.

I will also note a project completion date on your invoice.  If the project is not completed by that date due to client delays, full payment will still be required on that date.  The client will then have an additional 2 weeks to provide the required information without further charges.  After 2 weeks there will be a fee of 20% (of project total) to complete the project.

If the project is not completed within 7 days of the completion date due entirely to delays by Design Girl you will receive a 10% discount (of project total). 

Deposit and Payment
On projects under $500 a 50% upfront deposit is required, 25% on projects over $500.  Deposits are non-refundable unless Design Girl is unable to complete your project due to unforseen

Full payment is required prior to the release of final files or within 24 hours of going live on a website project.

If your package includes more than one design concept please note that I will usually present one concept to start with.  If it isn't what you're looking for I will then do the additional concept(s).  Your feedback on each concept helps to shape the additional concepts so don't be shy or worry about offending me if you don't like what I come up with.

I will informed you prior to making the last revision that is included in your package.  If you require additional revisions they will be charged based on complexity.  A revision is considered any change that is made to the design or file.

Additional files/variations/versions:
For example, you require your final logo in more than one colour or with and without a tag line, there is a charge of $30 - $60 per additional file.

Website Projects:

Domain names:
If you have not yet registered your domain you can do so at If you have grand plans for your business I recommend registering both the .com and the names if they are available. Please contact me with any questions or if you need assistance. 

Content (text) for websites:
Content must be supplied in an organised fashion, sent via unformatted email or unformatted word document.   Proof-reading, editing and content research is the responsibility of the client and is not included in my advertised website pricing.

On standard and deluxe packages I will edit and enhance your content to ensure it is keyword rich.

If you need the content compiled for your site there is an additional fee, based on type and amount of content that is required. 

Images (photos) are not included in website packages, nor is image retouching.  You need to supply web ready images, or discuss additional fees with me if you require retouching.  I can also source stock images for your site for an additional fee.

I provide updates and site maintenance (for websites that I've designed) at a discounted rate of $40 per hour. 


What is a revision?
A revision is simply a change that you request to a design.  For example on a logo, if you'd like to see the logo in a different colour and with a different font, that would be considered two revisions.  If the changes are minor and are requested at one time there usually isn't a need to charge more than one revision fee.   Keep in mind that while a simple change may only take minutes, there is also time involved preparing the files and communicating the changes.

What is a design concept?
A concept is an idea or a theme.  For example on a website one design concept could be a theme using butterflies.  Say halfway through the process you decide you want to use hummingbirds instead of butterflies, but everything else on the design would remain the same, I would still consider that a revision of the same concept.  If you wanted to change the butterflies to fish and therefore the trees and outdoor scene wouldn't fit, that would be considered a new concept. 

Why are your prices so good?
I am a work-from-home mum therefore I have minimal operating expenses. I've also catered my pricing to meet the demands of my clients who are mostly small to medium sized businesses who are on a limited budget.   Don't be fooled by other businesses who charge a lot more for a logo or a basic website - the sites I build are of the same standard, and are custom designed so your site will be unique.

How long will my website take?
Most small websites take less than a week and e-commerce sites take about 3 weeks!  I normally have a design draft to you within a week of receiving the deposit. 

Can I give input during the design process?
Yes, if you have specific ideas about what you want I will take those into consideration during the design process.

I don't know what I'm looking for, where do we start?
If you have no idea what you want I will come up with a design or a site that I think is appropriate for your business.  If you don't like it, I will try again with a new design.  If you still don't like it, by then you might know what you do and don't like and we can go from there.  I will work with you until we come up with the site you are looking for, however extra charges may apply if you exceed the number of designs included in your package.

Important information for clients
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